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Author Topic: Fished 4/8/12  (Read 4801 times)

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Fished 4/8/12
« on: April 12, 2012, 08:43:21 AM »

It's awfully quite out there, where are all the anglers??  I guess everyone is tight lipped about where they been catching fish..
Finally got the chance to make a day trip up to the lake last Saturday.  What a sight to see the water almost back to normal after my last visit when it was 13.5' low.  All the scouting back then paid off as I went back to the areas that were above the surface back in October.  Now's your chance to fish some nature made brush piles so you don't have to feel guilty about fishing around stuff sticking out of the water wondering if you are fishing on one of Lynns brush piles..  Lots of green willow tops and bean trees sticking out of the water and loaded with bass.  Water was stained everywhere, but started to find some clear water in some areas that were back in the sticks. Fished all South end areas this trip and picked up fish at every location. Mostly small, but several in the 2lb range.  Fished the shallows mostly, but no sows on beds that I could find.  Some of the fish I picked up were in a foot or less or water and you have to get in the brush with them. Don't hesitate to throw your lure right in the middle of buck brush and the flooded willows and work it as many times as you can.  I would throw 10 to 12 times in the same tree sometimes before I irritated them enough to strike.  I kept these lures tied on all day and picked up fish on every one.  The super fluke - anyone regularly fishing Rayburn knows you can catch bass on flukes.  I tried a new color this time that is supposed to be for clear water, but it was a killer even in the stained water - Disco Violet. rig it light and fish it like a jerk bait.  Looks just like a wounded bait fish. Stanley Spinner - gold willow leaf with a yellow / black skirt - not as productive, but picked up a few.  Rattle Trap - shad color - keep it handy because there's lots of schoolies chasing bait over the humps with the bean trees sticking up on them.  Soon as you see them bust the surface throw in the trap and hang on.  Texas rigged trick worm - my rayburn favorite - watermelon red, green pumpkin and pumpkin seed.  If the fluke don't pull them out of the brush, snake this through the branches. Started throwing some scum frogs & buzz baits later in the day over grass and had lots of explosions and a lot of fun. So get out there and explore some of those areas that have been dry for a while. You can get back into some places that haven't seen water in a while and the bass are cruzing through there waiting to bite.  And don't forget to post your story if you are willing to share some info.  Most of us only get out there once in a while to catch em and need all the help we can get...


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Re: Fished 4/8/12
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2012, 07:40:10 AM »

I marked all my brush with signs that said no fish here we are all on vacation