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Author Topic: Sam Rayburn Christmas Bite 12-15-2014  (Read 4474 times)

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Sam Rayburn Christmas Bite 12-15-2014
« on: December 15, 2014, 07:04:43 AM »

Water Temp.61
Normal pool 164.40      
Water Clarity 2 feet
Lake level today 161.31
 ďBig SamĒ is looking good, only 3 ft low.
The weather has been on the warm side keeping the water temperature a bit warmer and the grass has been doing great.  The pads have been disappearing slowly. There have been a lot of days that were to prefect not to want to be on the water. Each day is different and you can catch 50 one day then two the next but sometime Iíll take to two big Trophy Fish .  Sometimes those two fish weigh 18 lbs. You canít do that sitting at home.

The grass bite is the ticket this time of year and everyone knows it is trap time, so get your traps out and start fishing.   Donít forget about a Stanley Spinner bait to cover the grass.  I have seen days they eat up a Spinner Bait over the grass. These two baits catch lots of fish all through the year.   There are different techniques that improve your chances of catching bigger fish.  Donít get stuck with just one speed of crank and wind, change up now and then.  The small crankbait pulled along the grass edges and creek channels will be picking up a few fish. Chrome, White and Chartreuse are a few colors to start with. Lots of fish will be moving in and out with each front that goes through.  You have to keep checking the points and staging areas as they will load up with fish then empty again. There will be a lot of fish looking around the shallows that will be spooky so just be patient with them. The soft plastics will work on some if you get past them and then ease it back.  Look for deeper fish on the ledges and deep drops close to the spawning areas.   Keep the T/R, C/R and Stanley Football Jigs handy.  Lizards and Crawfish are good baits to be using this time of year. I think of fish as being cooler this time of year and their colors are pale so I like to throw light colors that blend in.  Some like watermelon seed, root beer and watermelon red but donít think I wonít throw a wild color like cherry seed in the mix.  Itís red; and crawfish are red; and most of the trap fish are caught on red.   E2 bait Company makes great baits and one of the ones I like in the winter and spring is the DoodleBug.  It works great on everything from flipping them in the buck brush and grass to putting them on my C/R.  Donít forget about using them for a Jig trailer. 
Trophy Bass
I canít tell you the chances of catching a Trophy Bass from now till spring.  The moon has a big part in this and most folks fish the hardest on the moon.   Donít wait too long to get your trips booked as we have started to book for 2014.
Gift Certificates
Donít forget we have Gift Certificates for that special someone they are good for a year. 

Crappie; The Crappie have been running up river.   The bite has been light and you have got to really get the feel of them. The pontoon has plenty of room for everyone with shade and a Port-O-Potty. 
White Bass: Fishing up river will be kicking off the first of the year. We will be taking a few trips up river when the bite turns on. We had some trips last year where the kids had their limits in 5 hours and had a great time!

Facebook:   New For you Guys and Gals That use Facebook  now you can find updates as we are out there fishing on   

God Bless
Lynn Atkinson                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
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