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Author Topic: Fall turn over Sept Fishing Report  (Read 1853 times)

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Fall turn over Sept Fishing Report
« on: September 17, 2017, 04:28:21 AM »

Reel um N Guide Service

Lynn Atkinson

Water Temp.84

Normal pool 164.40               

Water Clarity 2 feet

Sam Rayburn is at 165.89 ft and is still falling as they generate more electricity.

The lake is 1.49 ft over pool.

The lake began its fall turnover and today you could still see the water was still off color. Not to say we didn’t catch some nice fish.  Wednesday on one of my trips we started off fishing deep with a few small bites and started jumping around trying to find where our big fish had moved to.  On our 6th spot, first cast, we hooked one that got me over a stump and broke off.   Oh yeah, we were on the right spot. We got set up and in just a few casts I had two more that got me wrapped around the stumps and broke off.  Then it happened, I got one to the boat.  My guy was getting his camera out to get a picture.  As I reached down to pick her up she came off. When I said she gone he just looked at me and I shook my head.   I told him I had fried chicken to eat and didn’t want get my hands fishy. How big was it?  I would say an easy 7-8 lbs.  A few casts went by and he hooked up.  You guessed it, that fish didn’t get big by being dumb. She went around under and through something.  We worked hard to get that heifer with no luck.  Well we moved on and hit a few more spots to finish out a good day on Sam Rayburn.

There are some fish up shallow around the grass so here are a few baits that have been getting some action. The Stanley Ribbit high floater in white or black has been the best for us over the pads and around the grass edges. I found that at times you to need to change the retrieval to get them to hit it. Off the edge we've been working a few creature baits and senko’s.  Just let them fall to the bottom. Next on the outer edges of the grass and pads use a little more speed with Spinner baits and crank baits to cover more water looking for active fish.  We had a few fish move up on points and hang on the ledges and creek channels as they move into the pockets. The Carolina and Texas rigged big worms and creature baits have been working here, some of the bites are super light.  Then you get to thinking about how many bites you get that you don’t feel. It’s a lot about feeling the bite.  I have seen folks have their rods jerked almost out of their hands, and still not realize they had a bite.   Others feel the weight roll or move an inch and set the hook on a good fish.

Crappie; The Crappie fishing is on. We have seen lots of bream and catfish at times on the brush piles.  The bite has been very light and that makes it hard on the newer anglers.  Everyone has loves the New pontoon with the shade, changing room and port-o-potty.  We even carry a fan for the real scorching days.  It makes the trip a lot nicer for everyone. It’s one way to get out of the house and have some fun.  We can handle up to 12 anglers on the 24 tri-toon.

Don’t wait too long to get your trip booked.

White Bass: Don't forget about the white bass as they move up the river this winter. We made several trips and filled the cooler up in a hurry on these fighting . These fish love to test out the Ultra light equipment and the skill of the angler as they fight to get away.

God Bless
Lynn Atkinson
Cell 979-220-0251

For More Information Call or Write:
Lynn Atkinson
865 Norris St
Zavalla, TX 75980
Cell (979) 220-0251