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Author Topic: Sam Rayburn Fishing Report 3-11-2018  (Read 2762 times)

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Sam Rayburn Fishing Report 3-11-2018
« on: March 11, 2018, 06:32:01 PM »

Reel um N Guide Service
Lynn Atkinson

Water Temp.62
Normal pool 164.40     
Water Clarity 2 feet
Lake level today 166.14

 Sam Rayburn is warming up and the fish are moving up on the warmer days getting ready for the spawn. We have seen a few males in the shallows cruising around.  We had a few fish pull up in the staging spots last week.  We lost one nice fish, it snaked under the boat and broke off. We had been running down a few banks throwing traps when she sucked the bait in.  He set the hook and the fight was on. She made a couple runs and came out of the water to let us know she was not going to give up easy. From what we could see she was somewhere in the 8 to 9 pound range. The client did everything right.  He had just put on new line but somehow there were a couple of nicks and you know the rest of the story. We picked up a lot of fish that had moved up with a couple of 4 pounds to add to the mix. The cold fronts will push these fish back and forth from the inside grass line to the outside and some will move out to the staging spots. This is what makes timing so important this time of year.  We’ve heard a few more big fish have been caught and stories of the ones that got away.   We are getting excited about the chances of catching a trophy bass.

Some of the water in the back of the creeks is muddy The grass has thinned out a little but there’s still a lot of grass hiding under the surface, off points and back in the creeks. Baits always seem to be the same on each report thru the year.’ The upper river is muddy from all the rain.

 Some of the guys love the soft plastic baits like senko’s and wacky worms.  They catch a lot of fish through year and can be a bait to use when it’s tough out there.  When the fish move up shallow this is one bait that you can catch some nice fish on. Everyone is always asking about colors; Watermelon Red, June Bug, and plum apple are just a few to start.   You may go wild with a few of the bright colors like Bubble Gum, Merthiolate or Chartreuse, just have you shades on. The Rayburn Red trap is always talked about this time of year. They catch a lot of fish from small ones to a trophy.    Don’t overlook the chrome and gold colors as all lipless baits aren’t the same.  Different baits have different sounds along with shapes and colors.   Sometime it is very good to have something different than what everyone else is throwing. The Stanley Spinner Bait in the Vibra-Shaft will be good around the old bean brushing and off points as the fish move in.  Sexy Shad and Bleeding Shad are two colors to start with but don’t forget Toledo Gold.  Covering a lot of water can be fun and rewarding this time of year.  The Carolina and Texas rig off the points and humps close to spawning areas will start to turn up some nice fish.
Keep the T/R, C/R and Stanley Football Jigs handy.  Lizards and Crawfish are good baits to be using this time of year. I think of fish as being cooler this time of year and their colors are pale so I like to throw light colors that blend in.  Some like watermelon seed, root beer and watermelon red,  don’t think I won’t throw a wild color like cherry seed in the mix.  It’s red; and crawfish are red; and most of the trap fish are caught on red.   E2 bait Company makes great baits and one of the ones I like in the winter and spring is the DoodleBug.  It works great on everything from flipping them in the buck brush and grass to putting them on my C/R.  Don’t forget about using them for a Jig trailer. 

Trophy Bass
I can’t tell you the chances of catching a Trophy Bass from now till spring.  The moon has a big part in this and most folks fish the hardest on the moon.   

Crappie; The Crappie bite has been light and you have got to really get the feel of them. We had some fish start moving down the river looking to spawn. That can be lots of fun and we had folks catch the weather just right and have a blast with corks and minnows.  The kids have more fun watching the cork, setting the hook on a nice crappie. Don’t wait too long to get your trip booked. The pontoon has plenty of room for everyone with shade and a Port-O-Potty. 

God Bless
Lynn Atkinson
Cell 979-220-0251