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Author Topic: April 13 2018 Fishing Report  (Read 4405 times)

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April 13 2018 Fishing Report
« on: April 13, 2018, 10:25:05 AM »

Reel um N Guide Service
Lynn Atkinson

Water Temp. 67
Normal pool 164.40     
Water Clarity 2 feet

Sam Rayburn is at 167.80 ft and has been coming up from all the rain.  The water is muddying up a lot of the creeks and pockets and cooling the water down. The bass have some cover to hide in and the grass makes it hard to get into. 

Trophy Bass

The bass have been holding in the buck brush on the inside of the pockets and around the hay grass.  The bite has been tough with all the cover they have to hide in.  With the water going up and down as the pull water off the lake and just as the get it almost to pool big rain showers come in and push it 3 ft over pool again. These fish aren’t sure which way to go.  We never seen a lot of fish on beds but then it hard to get a pattern with everything going on.
Soft plastic was doing the best; with a small weight or none at all; pulling it though the old grass and buck brush.  Colors were Watermelon Red to Black / Blue for the most part.  E2 Baits have some DoodleBugs that work great for pitching into this stuff.  The bite has just been a tap and it could be a little male or a 8 lb female on the other end.  Keep good line and retie ever so often  just to be sure you don’t lose that big fish. For guys that have to keep on the move and burn up the water' the Stanley Spinner bait has been getting some action as the fish move in.  Colors that I start with are Sexy Shad, Golden Bream or Bleeding Shad.  If the water is off color the brighter colors may work better.  The deep bite has been tough and the bites have been slow on the Texas or Carolina Rig

If you catch a trophy Bass get some good pictures, weight and measurements and set her free.  A good Taxidermy shop like Lake Fork Taxidermy won’t need the fish to make a replica that you will be proud of.  Trophy Bass are hard to come by and most people take them home to show everyone a DEAD FISH in the cooler.  What I like to do is go back, take my friends and try to catch her again in the same place. The excitement is wonderful when they try.  A good taxidermist can make a replica of the Bass you caught without killing the fish.  The replica will outlast the real thing and can be repaired if something should ever happen. The real fish starts to fade in a couple of years and turn a dark yellow color.  The replica is still looking like you just caught it. So don’t kill the fish.  Put her back so she can spawn and keep her genes in the lake to build trophy Bass for the future.  Check out Lake Fork Taxidermy.  They've been doing great work for years. Check out Greg’s comments about his 14 lb bass.  He caught her in Lake Okeechobee and released her after getting pictures and measurements.

One thing for sure, you can’t catch a Trophy Bass sitting at home watching the boob tube.  Get some new line on all the reels, get out, and get fishing. It’s nice to get away and enjoy a day on the lake. Take someone fishing this week.

.  Remember the Sharelunker Program
Toyota ShareLunker Program announces Big Changes for 2018
ShareLunker Program is for 13 Pounds Plus Largemouth Bass
Lunker Legacy Class 13 pounds  plus  Jan 1 to march 31
Lunker Legend Class 13Pound plus  Jan 1 to Dec 31
Lunker Elite Class 10 lbs to 12.99 lbs Jan 1 to Dec 31
Lunker Class: 8 lbs or 24 inches. Jan 1 to Dec 31
Check out the rules
There will be drawing at the end season for a $5,000.  Shopping spree and Lifetime lic.

Crappie; The Crappie fishing has started to pick up with some good slabs caught in the grass as they move in to spawn. Water temperature is the big key here as a front can kill the bite overnight. The last trip was a blast with over 80 crappie caught. They should start bunching up and that’s when the fun starts.  They will move in shallow and bunch up, that’s when you can load the coolers. Having fun with your friends and family is the best. Grab the kids and friends then come enjoy a day on the water.   Everyone has loved the new pontoon with the shade, changing room and the port-o-potty.   We can handle up to 8 anglers. 

God Bless
For More Information Call or Write:
Lynn Atkinson
865 Norris St
Zavalla, TX 75980
Cell (979) 220-0251