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Author Topic: Sam Rayburn  (Read 2750 times)

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Sam Rayburn
« on: October 25, 2010, 07:39:50 PM »

Reel um N Guide Service
Lynn Atkinson

Water Temp.71
Normal pool 164.40      
Water Clarity 2 feet
Sam Rayburn is at 155 .88 ft and is still falling but looks like it's starting to slow down. We still havenít had any rain and only have a slight chance this week. Without our normal rainfall to keep the water level up it has dropped to more than 8.5 ft low.  It's normal to see the water around 6 ft low or a little more but we really need some rain.
 The lake is 8.52 ft low and we are seeing a lot of boats run aground on the sandbars and humps. There is a lot more timber above the waterline so please watch carefully where you are running.

Two things happened this last week.  The water level stabilized a little and there were a few storms that gave us cloudy days and a chance of rain. The early morning bite would last a little longer on the cloudy days which put a few more fish in the boat early. We started off on the grass lines on points, then worked back into the pockets with Stanley Rabbits and Buzz Baits. We covered a lot of water on the fast track down the shoreline looking for active fish. There's nothing better than to have a big bass blowup on a top water bait.  When it happens right at the boat it almost makes you jump out of your pants. The Lily Pads have been giving up a few fish all day. As the early bite slowed down we moved out and started working the points and ledges to pick up more fish on Carolina and Texas rig big worms and Brush hogs. It looks like the fish have been on the move and changing things up this week. With the wind blowing on Monday and a front looking to push in the last part of the week, what will the fish do?  The wind will muddy some places and that will affect the bite.  Letís not forget about the fall turnover of the lake. We did notice the mid lake area had a funny color the other day which may be a sign of that going on. The crankbait has been on the slow side but we will keep throwing them in different places hoping to get something started.

Crappie; The Crappie fishing  picked up  last week and we stumbled across a few places holding great fish.  Getting out on cool fall days and having some fun with your friends and family is the best.  Everyone has loved the new pontoon with the shade, changing room and the port-o-potty.   It makes the trip a lot nicer for everyone.  We can handle up to 8 anglers. 
Catfish: have started to move up and bite more.  We will be doing some Cat fishing and Jugline, or noodlin as some call it. You guys get together, letís go out in a group and have a blast.  Bring the coffee, and we will spend part of the day swapping fishing stories n making up new ones as we go along.
Sportsmen Banquet Ė Fishing Tournament.    There is a Sportsmen Banquet Friday, Nov. 12 from 4:30pm to 8:00pm at Zavalla First Baptist Church and the tournament will be Sat. Nov. 13 from 6:00 am to 3:00 pm out of Cassells Boykin Park Pavilion.  For more information contact : Jacob Fitzgerald 936-897-2566 or Andy Wright 979-220-1490.

God Bless
Lynn Atkinson
Cell 979-220-0251

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