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Author Topic: Sam Rayburn  (Read 2896 times)

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Sam Rayburn
« on: November 02, 2010, 06:43:55 PM »

Reel um N Guide Service
Lynn Atkinson

Water Temp.71
Normal pool 164.40      
Water Clarity 2 feet
Sam Rayburn is at 155 .85 ft and starting to hold its own. The lake is 8.52 ft low and we are seeing a lot of boats run aground on the sandbars and humps. There is a lot more timber above the waterline, so please watch carefully where you are running.

Bass fishing in the fall can be up and down with the fronts that blow though this time of year. Just as soon as you find a few good fish something changes.  The next day boom, the bottom falls out and the fish you found arenít there or just wont bite. There  are a lot of fish roaming around following the balls of shad that are meandering all over the place.  The lake has started to stabilize and that will start getting some fish to move up into the lily pads and Pepper Grass. There will be more of a top water bite in those areas so get the Stanley Ribbits out.  Then you can start looking in the thick stuff for some great topwater action.  These fish will be in small groups but working the points and then back into the pockets should put a few in the boat. Working a buzz bait and Stanley Spinner Bait down the bank can be a lot of fun. Some of these fish will be small but will feel like you've snagged a whale for a few seconds.   On the deeper edge from 6 to 25 feet we have been catching some fish on big worms and brush hogs on Carolina and Texas rigs. The bite has been very light and hard to feel. The Texas rig has been the best rig to feel when they suck the bait in. The small fish hit hard but that old lunker can suck the bait in so soft itís super hard to feel it. Then; if they feel you; they spit it out.  That is what most people feel and then it's too late. Having a good Rod and line is so important when they get that way.  Use the best rod you can afford. American Rodsmiths makes some great rods so check them out next time you shop for a rod. Now for line.  There is a lot of different line out there and finding one that you like is very important.  Fluorocarbon is a big deal out there now,  sensitive and low stench,   Finding what you like, and can throw is most important. There is also Fluorocarbon Coated line out there that works great for me. I use  Pline Floroclear 20 test for my Carolina and Texas rig and 15lbs test for crank and spinners baits. The knot is very import on the fluorocarbon line and one of the best knots that I have found is the San Diego Jam Knot. It takes a few times to tie making sure the loop doesnít fall over the main knot.  After a few times itís very easy to tie.  So give some of this a try and get to catching some fish.

Crappie; The Crappie fishing  picked up  last week and we stumbled across a few places holding great fish.  Getting out on cool fall days and having some fun with your friends and family is the best.  With the pontoon we can handle up to 8 anglers. 
Catfish: have started to move up and bite more.  We will be doing some Cat fishing and Jugline, or noodlin as some call it. You guys get together, bring the coffee, and we will spend the day swapn' fishn' stories n making up new ones as we go along.
Sportsmen Banquet Ė Fishing Tournament.    There is a Sportsmen Banquet Friday, Nov. 12 from 4:30pm to 8:00pm at Zavalla First Baptist Church and the tournament will be Sat. Nov. 13 from 6:00 am to 3:00 pm out of Cassells Boykin Park Pavilion.  For more information contact : Jacob Fitzgerald 936-897-2566 or Andy Wright 979-220-1490.

God Bless
Lynn Atkinson
Cell 979-220-0251

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