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Author Topic: Sam Rayburn 10-30-07  (Read 2368 times)

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Sam Rayburn 10-30-07
« on: November 10, 2008, 04:57:11 PM »

Water Temperature: 70
Water Clarity: 2-3 feet

Reel um N Guide Service By Lynn Atkinson

10/30/07 Sam Rayburn is 159.53 and falling slowly The water temperature has been in the low 70s to high 60s. The water has been clear to around 2ft for the most part .Some of the flats and creeks are muddying up from the rain and high north wind this week. . This week the wind has been blowing almost everyday. We did get out a few days to fish and did catch a few. With the wind blowing we started on the wind blown side. While my partner was getting his rod and putting the trolling motor down I picked up my rod with a Stanley Spinner Bait tied on, made a few casts and yelled ď Fishon.Ē With trolling motor in hand he turned and just looked at me. What on ? Stanley Spinner Bait I said with a smile. After a few more fish we moved to the north bank out of the wind. We started on the points and creek bends and found the fish were on the inside points close to cover. The next trip out we started fishing around some offshore cover. This young man was having a good time catching really nice Bass on an ultra light spinning reel. If you havenít had a good fish on one of those light rods you are missing a fight. We hooked several that came up and made some beautiful jumps before they came off. After putting a few in the live well just for photos, they were later released to fight another day. Bass like to hang together for the most part, if you catch one there could be more close by. The Top water has slowed down some. I wouldnít pass up a pocket of Pads in the middle of the day if the sun is shining. The bait fish will be moving into them with the big fish right behind.

This week with the wind its been harder to get out and fish where you want to, and it was harder to feel the bites. This is where fishing with something you can throw and stay in contact with is important. Spinner Baits , Crankbaits and Lipless Baits are some of them. The C/R or T/R is the next choice but a heavy weight will be needed to stay in contact with the bait. Remember the water is cooling down and so should you. Iíve been throwing a lot of Lucky Craft Baits and have found them to work very well. They make a lot of different baitís and the Ĺ to the ĺ oz have been doing the best for me . Sebile makes some great baits and Iíve been trying them and have been catching some fish with them. The fish have seen a lot of baits and at times the new baits will out do the old oneís. Stop by Bass Strike Tackle in Zavalla and checkout the new line of baits they have.

The Crappie seem to be moving in some so look for more hits in the next few weeks. The bite will continue to change as we get more into fall. Look for them to move to the bridges and river channels in the next few months.

I canít say enough about boat safely this time of year .Watch the weather and donít go out with out a weather radio and knowing if a cold front is coming in, are you could find yourself in trouble when the wind gets up , Big Sam can get dangers so donít take risks out there. With the water around 5 foot low and starting to cool down . You donít want to find yourself hitting a stump and finding yourself in trouble. I see a lot of boats running thru the timber. Guys; just because you see someone running thru there doesnít make it safe. A lot of people come to Big Sam to Fish Tournaments and have fun with out ever looking at a map or where the timber is. I have had them say ďIf I donít see it, its not there.Ē Just a while back we had an older man running the lake like he does all the time in his little boat. He was hanging on to his motor after hitting a stump and flipping the boat upside down. All his tackle was gone along with his motor. It filled with water and broke a rod. I know that most people have good insurance for the big pretty boats that fix them up, but what if you get hurt ? I know I bumped a stump a few years back running slow and it cost $6500. to get my boat fixed; with a $500 deducible , so it still cost me . Of course we had a Gorilla Hull put on now. The "Gorilla Hull" is exceptionally durable, and carries a lifetime warranty against impact with stumps . Toledo Fiberglass is the place to go. 1-800-554-5452 or there a link on my site. I still donít run thru stumps. Just one trip with a guide could save you a lot of head aches down the road.

If you know anyone looking for that perfect gift for that angler here it is. A Gift Certificate for Xmas The Gift Certificate is good for 1 year. You can find out more by emailing or calling me. 979-220-0251

Iíll have the web page up for the Bass Class on the Water that will be running thru out the year and covers a lot of information. Detailed Instructions on GPS, Sonar, Water Temperature, Water Color, Weather, Sound, Scent and Structure, both on and off shore. I am running a Lowrance 112 LCX with the latest software to help you see the lake like you have never seen it before. Everyone is welcome. If you new to boating, and would like to learn more about fishing in general, the lake and fishing on Big Sam; let me know. We can use my boat or yours. Put the Scales in Your Favor

Lynn Atkinson
Home 936-897-3400 Cell 979-220-0251

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