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Author Topic: Sam Rayburn  (Read 2717 times)

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Sam Rayburn
« on: December 17, 2010, 05:44:04 AM »

Reel um N Guide Service
Lynn Atkinson

Water Temp.53
Normal pool 164.40      
Water Clarity 2 feet
Sam Rayburn is at 155 .95 ft and starting to hold itís on. The lake is 8.46 ft low, so please watch carefully where you are running.

We did get out last week with Brent for a few hours of fishing. It was very windy with gusts up to 25 mph. In spite of the wind; which made for some really tough fishin'; we managed to fish a few places to come up with this nice fish for Brent.  Feeling the bite was hard and we missed several fish.  I lost one that felt pretty darn good, but who knows. It could have been one of the little ones that think they are 10 lbs. monsters.  We had a great morning and enjoy the time on the water.

Trophy Bass Fishing on Sam Rayburn.
The weather turns cold and everyone wants to stay indoors to stay warm but there are a few of us that want that trophy fish.  We fish hard in the cold and rain to try to catch her. Over the years I have had more than my share of big fish and have watched my clients hook into a few of them.  Sometimes we get them into the boat and life is good.   Sometimes we get to see the fish before it comes unbuttoned, darn, then we all go a little crazy.  The next few months are prime time to hook onto one of these fish. Donít look to get a lot of bites but donít miss one either.
Things are starting to change with every front.   In places the water has clouded up some and in other places its starting to clear up even more. The lily pads have started to die off and thin out but there still been some bait running around, and a few fish with them. Look for some fish to move in and out of these places as the weather warms up between the fronts.  Stanley Spinner Baits and Small Crankbaits should pick up a few fish in these areas.   The lipless baits will start to pick up along the grass lines.  Colors will change from day to day but good a bet is shad color. Red colors will began to get hot. Donít forget about the Jerk baits this time of year they can be deadly over the grass as the fish move up. There will a be lot of fish  move to the outer edges and drops and set there.  They move up between the fronts so work these edges with Carolina Rigged lizards and creature baits.  Watermelon Red and Pumpkin Seed are
 two colors that I start with.

Christmas is just around the corner and nowís the time to think about getting that special gift for the person that has everything. If you're reading this, fishing must be on that list somewhere.  When was the last time you took Dad and Mom or maybe the kids on a fishing trip just to get them outdoors and on the water? We have gift certificates that are good for a year and will make the perfect gift for someone.  Donít forget the pontoon makes for some great family fun and lots of memories for years to come.  It makes the trip a lot nicer for everyone.  We can handle up to 8 anglers. 

Crappie; The Crappie fishing picked up last week and we stumbled across a few places holding great fish and most of them were a good size.  Getting out on cool fall days and having some fun with your friends and family is the best.

Catfish: have started to move up and bite more.  We will be doing some Cat fishing and Jugline, or noodlin as some call it. You guys get together, letís go out in a group and have a blast.

God Bless
Lynn Atkinson
Cell 979-220-0251
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